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The liquid gold of Cas Gasi

The liquid gold of Cas Gasi

Olive oil is the sustaining ingredient in Mediterranean life. Without it, so many of the great cuisines would not exist. Spanish, Greek, Italian, French Provençale, Moroccan – all require this golden liquid to enhance the intense flavours of their regional produce. Ibiza has a long history of olive oil production and Cas Gasi continued with this tradition by planting 400 olive trees on the property more than ten years ago. Now, every year, these prolific trees produce Arbequina olives for the delicious Cas Gasi Olive Oil used in the restaurant.

Harvest begins in the autumn and is overseen by Pepe, Cas Gasi’s long time local farmer. He knows these trees well, which were planted by Cas Gasi owners Margaret and Luis with their own hands. The entire farm at Cas Gasi is certified organic, as is all of the produce, and thus, so is the olive oil! Pepe’s skill is maintaining this ecosystem and providing the best quality produce for guests at Cas Gasi. He truly is master of the trees.

Traditionally in Ibiza, olives were pressed in wicker baskets by a horse drawn millstone. Today, Cas Gasi’s olives are taken to a clean, small modern press nearby where the oil is obtained by de-pitting and crushing the olives and then centrifuging the resulting paste. The pure, cold-pressed, unfiltered oil is then poured into stainless steel barrels to decant for some time, and, after passing the certified organic quality tests, bottled in sealed and labelled containers.

While Cas Gasi guests enjoy the subtle flavours of this liquid gold while at breakfast or dining in the restaurant, they can also take it home in half litre or quarter litre glass bottles and tin flasks perfect for travelling.

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