Up close and personal: an interview with Cas Gasi’s founder

CREDENTIALS: Margaret von Korff was born to a German family in Barcelona in November of 1957. After traveling the world, she ended up arriving in Ibiza by sail boat… where she stayed. In 1989 she purchased a farm in the heart of the island to start ecological agriculture and, 10 years later, she transformed the property into a boutique hotel: Cas Gasi. A sophisticated rural hotel with only 17 rooms; a place where many of the famous people who visit the island seek refuge and know that they will stay under the radar.

A CAPRICE. The auction room “Casi Todo” in Santa Gertrudis [www.casitodo.com]. I bought some unique furniture for the hotel there. It is a place that inspires me.

A GIFT I HAVE RECEIVED. The Lamp Book Lumio by Max Gunawan [www.hellolumio.com]. It is magical, practical and has a very pleasant light.

A GIFT THAT I HAVE GIVEN. A box of half liter bottles of our organic olive oil. It’s a delight.