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Up close and personal: an interview with Cas Gasi’s founder

Up close and personal: an interview with Cas Gasi’s founder

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Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

A CAPRICE. The auction room “Casi Todo” in Santa Gertrudis [www.casitodo.com]. I bought some unique furniture for the hotel there. It is a place that inspires me. A GIFT I HAVE RECEIVED. The Lamp Book Lumio by Max Gunawan [www.hellolumio.com]. It is magical, practical and has a very pleasant light. A GIFT THAT I HAVE GIVEN. A box of half liter bottles of our organic olive oil. It’s a deligPERSONAL STYLE. Almost always classic, but with something irreverent and many contrasts. One brand that I love is Etro [www.etro.com] and Margaret Howell’s sweaters [margarethowell.co.uk] are wonderful. I never wear a skirt, but I am at home in jeans. My favorite brand is Adriano Goldschmied [agjeans.com] and I usually find them in London. My basics: sandals, loafers and my Converse All Stars [www.converse.com], which I have in several colors. I am very active, I like to walk my dog, it’s my workout because I hate routines and classes. A PLACE THAT INSPIRES ME. Ibiza The island is the essence of freedom, like a world within the world. Nearly 3,000 years ago, when there was nothing happening in other nearby places, the winds brought the Phoenicians here with their culture and trade. In addition, my house is on the side of the mountain, surrounded by forests, fields, hills … at night there is only silence and darkness. I love to travel, but just can’t wait to come back! A PASSION. I love searching for things for Cas Gasi places where they hold the tradition of creating with care. I find the sheets in Italy; the pillows are made with very special hypoallergenic feathers from Germany and the perfumes come from England. The matresses all have feather bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep. ALWAYS IN MY SUITCASE. Boxers and a T-shirt; green tea and ginger root, in case I can’t find them; hair conditioner and books, which take up a lot of space. A PERFUME. I change often, but I really like Hermès, Un Jardin sur le Nil [www.hermes.com], which reminds me of the time I was working in Cairo.  A RESTAURANT. Cas Gasi! I like to know where the products come from and here I know for sure that they come from the garden to the table. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, oil and even gin infused with roses. I enjoy a good red wine, tomato, avocado, cheese … The menu always includes something for all tastes. BEAUTY ALLIES. I use very few cosmetic products. I always wear sunscreen, which I also use on my hands, and I really like Isdin Fusion Water 50. Also, fluid makeup by Avéne [www.eau-thermale -avene.es] and on my lips I apply the Rosy Nude of La Biosthetique [www.labiosthetique.es]. A BOOK ON MY TABLE. I love reading and I usually have several books going which I advance on in phases. I am finishing the memoirs of Heinz Berggruen and Graham Greene and My Father and Me, by Pico Iyer. I am halfway through The Barefoot Investor by Scott Page. Lately I’ve really enjoyed A Woman Looking At Men Looking At Women, a compilation of the best essays by Siri Hustvedt, and The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver, a disturbing dystopian novel. I CANNOT DO WITHOUT. My books and the jewelry that I wear daily; it’s the armor that I wear every morning, like a warrior: some silver rings from Düsseldorf [www.goldschmiede-schubart.de] and the Danish silversmith Georg Jensen [www.georgjensen.com] plus a gold bracelet from an Italian jeweler, Nino D’Agata [www.ninodagata.com], who has a small shop in Santa Gertrudis (Ibiza). A MANIA. Finding time for me. More and more I manage to refuse to do anything that won’t serve me, and being able to read more. A DISCOVERY. New York in summer. I went this year in August and it was an amazing experience, it was very empty and quiet. THE ART WORK I WOULD BUY. One by Adam Pendleton, an American conceptual artist that I met some years ago in an exhibition organized by the Parra y Romero gallery [parra-romero.com] in their Ibizan showroom. Pilar and Francisco were pioneers in bringing conceptual art to the island. Now Pendleton is very high market.

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