Treat yourself to a cosy winter escape and beat the blues!

It’s the season for warming fireplaces, cosy couch time, reading a favorite book, brisk outdoor walks, hot cocoa, a glass of red wine or a signature rose infused gin and tonic, dinner parties with friends and/or your loved one(s). It’s a good time for Cas Gasi!

As we feed the fire in our grand fire place, we remember that not everyone is aware that Cas Gasi remains open all year. However, those who are, enjoy it’s well known familiar charm, intimate atmosphere and wonderful connection to nature, just at one’s fingertips. Underfloor heating ensures that no one gets cold feet!

While the sun continues to shine brightly on the island, winter slowly moves in. Such clean crisp air in the soft sunlight! Enjoy fireside cocktails and private dining, or dip into our jacuzzi and sauna in our Spa for relaxing warmth…