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WOMEN TO WATCH: Lady of the house, Margaret von Korff

WOMEN TO WATCH: Lady of the house, Margaret von Korff

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Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Your husband, Luis Trigueros, and you moved to Ibiza in 1986. How did you realize that this was your island?  Actually, we already knew the island. My husband grew up in Barcelona, ​​but he was born here. He lived through the Golden years with all the artists, hippies and intellectuals. Those endless summers, the sensation of absolute freedom… I was born in Barcelona and visited the island during a school trip. It captivated me. I came back, I met Luis and, after several years of traveling, we were clear about it: Ibiza was our place. I am very international and I feel comfortable here. What makes her different from all the other places where you have lived? Its diversity, the creative spirit that prevails and the quality of life that you can have. Here, both you and your husband have found ‘your home’, according to your indications. How is this found and how is that site created?  I think that this is something that can not be decided beforehand. For me, everything happens in an organic way. The only thing you know is the environment you want, and there was no doubt: we wanted a natural environment. We bought Cas Gasi almost thirty years ago, when my daughter was born, and it was love at first sight. And how did it come about that Cas Gasi, your family home, became open to the public?  There was no specific project. At first, it was just our house, but when I left Lufthansa because it didn’t satisfy me anymore, I put all my effort towards this challenge that I had been thinking of for some time: to contribute my «bit of sand» to achieve a more sustainable environment and convert it into a place of organic farming. After several years, we realized that we met all the requirements to become an agrotourism hotel and that we wanted to share it. We set off, without further ado, to the adventure! A boutique hotel to stay in as if you were in a family home. What is your role in it? And within your family?  Frankly, the constant feeling is to receive guests. I am like a housewife: you have to clean, put things in order, organize, take care of the details and be in charge of welcoming guests and family. Yes, the hotel and my family have always gone hand in hand, they are part of each other, but the one that has to unfold many times is me! You are an enthusiast of sustainable life. Is sustainability a new form of luxury or a lifestyle?  Sustainability is something long term. It is thinking about what will happen in a few years and what repercussions your actions of today will have in the future. It is to keep that equation, between giving and taking, balanced. The concept of luxury, however, is something personal. For me it includes sustainability, yes, but also ethics, quality and the approach you have to life.

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

How would sustainable luxury be?  For me, the luxury is to be independent, my own master, to do things my way. And sustainable is to do everything with respect for our environment. Your kitchen is 100% organic. Could you tell us what products do you bring to the table at Cas Gasi?  There are always seasonal fruits and vegetables, all the produce from our organic farming, wild fish from our coasts, meat of high quality origin and, all this, following the recipes of Mediterranean cuisine with vegan, raw and gluten-free alternative options. You are also very much into art. How is Cas Gasi aesthetically? What inspires you? The caracter of the house is given by sober lines, Ibizan sabina beam roofs, thick walls and handmade terracotta floors. The hotel furniture comes from my family home, from England or Holland, along with others that we have recovered here. We have achieved a very eclectic environment, but with that feeling of a harmonious lived-in space. In addition to international artists, -could you reveal a name?- ,you promote local art. Is that also sustainability?  Of course. Andreas Gurski is a favorite of mine, for example. I love his photo series, his vision, his technique and approach. Locally, we like to encourage artists such as the sculptor Monti or the painter Linde Bialas. What interests me about them is that they are all related in one way or another to Ibiza and to me, and that is the sustainable nature of all this. Discretion is one of the most praised points of your home. Do your guests arrive asking to disappear for a few days? Cas Gasi is discreet, not because it is a certain goal, but because our life style is low key. Our guests share that. Everyone likes to enjoy the peace you breathe in my house, without losing sight of the glamor of the beaches and the nightlife, only fifteen minutes away. Precisely, Ibiza was known as the ‘Mediterranean paradise of the party and the caos’. Now, however, it has that other side. How do you think that balance is achieved?  It is part of the Ibiza legend: live and let live. This essence of what it is was long ago became the caption: ad libitum, ‘as you like’. People come to Ibiza to have fun, but also to disconnect. And they can do it by dancing or relaxing. If you could make us a route of five essential places on the island. Which would they be?  The protected natural park of Ses Salines, the Pirate Tower of Cala d’Hort at dusk, the secret cove of Atlantis, the main square of our village Santa Gertrudis and the old town of Dalt Vila, which is world heritage. Or the island of Espalmador, with its incredible beach and its water. In the end, there were six!

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