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Luxe City Guides – Apr. 2022

Luxe City Guides – Apr. 2022

Ibiza Resident Margaret von Korff’s Favourite Spots On The Island

by Kaira Van WijkApril 13, 2022

The Mediterranean island of Ibiza has served as an escape for artists, creatives, and musicians since the 1930s. This is especially true of the North, with its mystical spirit, wild nature with scenic cliffs and an artistic scene filled with free-spirited souls from all around the world. The best of the island can be found in its nooks and crannies, a little road trip away from its capital of Eivissa.

Chic Ibiza resident Margaret von Korff has lived on the island since the glorious ’80s. Sitting by a crackling fireplace, she talks about her guesthouse, Cas Gasi, a soulful, authentic home away from home with the surrounding land dedicated to organic agriculture.

“Cas Gasi is a place of slow living and aesthetics provoking emotions – from the smell of the flowers to the touch of the linen, the taste of the food and the sound of silence. It’s a stage where I can share this beauty with our visitors,” says von Korff, who tells us more about her fondness of the area around Santa Gertrudis, local Ibicencan artists and museums, and her favourite places in nature.

What makes Ibiza so special to you?

This beautiful island ticks all the boxes for me: the history, the size, the people, the energy. It’s an island with over 2,700 years of history, when the Phoenicians founded a colony in this place. It’s also called the “one hour island” (because you can drive around within an hour) and have everything at your fingertips.

The people – from the locals living here for generations to the newer residents – are tolerant, warm, and welcoming. The energy is also very strong; there’s a positive vibe throughout. Some use this energy to totally let go (read: via dancing and parties) – others, by going inward in a more spiritual way.

How has the island changed over the years?

Ibiza used to be far more individual, with shops, small hotels, beach shacks and other places run by individuals and their families. Nowadays, part of the island has been taken over by corporations, funds, and multinationals. Ibiza remains a world of spectacle, and people want to be part of it.

The beauty of the island – with its crystal-clear waters, people, freedom, creativity, inspiration, and energy – remain unchanged. There’s still breathing space and individual consciousness leading the way for a better world. Sustainable projects are gaining foothold and I believe living your dream here is more possible than ever.

Tell us about your remarkable art collection in Cas Gasi, most of which are by Ibicencan artists.

We have paintings from both local and foreign artists living on the island, including Vicente Calbet, Lula Martins, Toni Pomar, Linde Bialas, Jamie Taylor, Miguel Rivera Bagur, Eduard Micus, Erwin Bechtold and sculptures by Franco Monti. Ibiza has always been a refuge for people who needed and found solace here.

Creativity comes from the need to surpass yourself; a challenging process, almost a mental duel, before the art is finished. So many intellectuals, artists and talented people have gathered here between the world wars and left an imprint. This attracted others on their search for inspiration, growth and creativity.

What are some of your favorite museums, galleries, and shops in Ibiza?

My friend Katia Micus, who’s in charge of her father’s museum Espacio Micus, has created a wonderful space representing some of the most gifted artists on the island. Even national and international galleries have become aware of the potential of exhibiting here, such as Galería Parra & Romero with its wonderful conceptual artists or art space Lune Rouge founded by Guy Laliberté with a beautiful sculpture garden. I also like to source for décor pieces in concept stores like Sluiz.

You have a carefully edited shop at Cas Gasi. How would you describe your style?

It’s eclectic, to say the least. The way I dress reflects personal phases I have gone through. Depending on my mood of the day I dress conservatively, daring, bohemian, romantic. That’s how I express my feelings. The combination of colors and style is intuitive and random. However, there is always something original which makes me feel good, imperceptible to others.

Our boutique carries only original items by Victoria Durrer-Gasse, found on her travels or made by her network of local woman in Asian and African countries. She also has her own shop in Santa Gertrudis, called La Galeria Elefante Ibiza.

What do you love about the heart of the island, where Cas Gasi is located near the quaint town of Santa Gertrudis?

We have the privilege of living in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle. Yet, if you want to go out and explore, it’s a stone’s throw away. Our guests love that they can choose a different beach every day and access Ibiza Town with its World Heritage fortress in less than 15 minutes.

Our village of Santa Gertrudis, as well as the more rural North, is like a village: genuine. You know the people and they know you. If you’re an observer, you witness the charm of everyday Ibiza life. A mix of local farmers, residents, and bohemians from all walks of life.

What are your favorite places in Ibiza to get lost in nature?

I do love the Las Salinas area and Es Cavallet with its salt lakes, lonely coves, pirate towers, dunes, and birds on their migration trails. I could walk around here for hours on end.

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